Nuestra Historia

Rumvo Sport is a brand of athletic wear that was born out of a passion for sports. We´re people who do sports as part of a healthy lifestyle.

In our designs we have managed to create comfortable clothes, with excellent performance and, just for fun, we made them attractive and funny.

Our products send a message of motivation to the athlete who wears them, aiming to cheer them up.

These are clothes designed by athletes for athletes, because we know your needs, and how you´re feeling during your training sessions.

It doesn´t matter your sex, your age, the sport you practice, if you train alone or in group, we are concerned for your comfort, that´s why we want to be your sport brand.

We want to accompany you during your competitions, during your hikes in the mountains, when you run on the road or on trails, when you cycle, or go mountain biking.

We´ll be by your side if you play basketball, tennis, go train at the gym or head to the Crossfit box.



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